Sabtu, 28 Februari 2009

Oo Happy Day :)

today was fun day!
First it's that because I got to make some properties for my English drama with tere and momon, (and yeaa with the malaikat ang Q2 too) :0

Sometimes I feel pretty much pissed when I remember her (Q2). You damn right!
Grr.. I don't know why maybe it's her behavior or something else whatever laa.. >0<

And I've just watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua! The animations were marvelous! Five star! ****
I advise you to watch it.. It's really funny!

From left to right : Papi , Chloe, Delgado
I loove Papi ( Mi Corazon :D)

Aw.. :D

No Mas
No More!

That's all for now! It's already late.. bye now :)

Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

24th of February

Yikes! I just had a scary dream..
I dreamed that my sweet-computer (which recently has been formatted) was filled with soo many virus,, and the task manager couldn't turn on,again.. It said "The task manager has been disabled by your administrator".. That was the viruses' doing, trust me, I've seen it before.
MaybeI got that dream cause today at school, in TIK class, I saw a computer which was occupied by me and Nia was filled with those itsy-bitsy viruses,, talk about scary.. wheck!
Even if you delete them, it'll show up again in less than 5 minutes.. (bulu kuduk gw aja merinding)..

OKay,, on to the next topic. Today is my daddy's birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Congrats Dad!

And so.. we bought some slices of cakes at Harvest, and also bought some food at Chilli's in Sarinah..


Yum! It's really tasty! But also hurts my wallet.. "(

Now.. I'll be just reading some comics online and prepare my books for tomorrow! And, oh,, gonna give some comments to my friends.

PS: THanks nad for nominating me as one of the fabulous blogs..^^
I think yours is also a fab too!

Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

Valentine's Day

Today's Valentine,,happy valentine everybody..
today's as usual, I went to school,took a debate class, and... My sister and I went to Taman Anggrek to hang out together with our friends.. My sis with her friend, and I was with mine.
Me and Natasya were doing pretty much nothing,but it's fun!

First, we went to Timezone to play some games..Woow it was soo crowded man..
We saw a some people playing Deal Or No Deal (a TV show) in a game format and a group of people were looking at them playing ..hahahaha..
There were also people doing DDR with some woowee moves, like street dancing or some sort.. It was pretty eye-catching..
We also met Natasya's school-friends.. some of them were my former elementary school friends.

Then, we went window shopping (forced by her, I actually don't really like window shopping ^^), from Charles & Keith, Metro, ORANGE, Parisian, and also a gift shop named MICHELLE.. That place contains a lot of goodies, mostly pluhies and (pajangan apa inggrisnya y,,sok inggris2 sih,,XD).. and most importantly, THEY HAVE SO MANY STITCH PLUSHIES!!

After that, we went food-searching,, She bought some Old Chang Kees, and I bought a pretzel,, yum..^^..

Ooh.. I really love pretzels!

We went home at 5.30,, and then me and my sis spent the night watching HSM3 (again)..hehe..

Oh yeah,, today I got some chocolates from my classmates.. From There, Katherine,Stella, and Angkie, and also from Angel. Thanks guys!

That's all for today! see ya tomorrow..

Jumat, 13 Februari 2009

Lookie here!

hey.. I've been doing some blog-visiting since yesterday..
And I've found that there's a website where you can make pictures using cloth-pictures..
(the URL is
So, I tried making pictures with it..
And here it is!
Does it look bad? Cause it's my first^^
I hope you like it!

My first set..^^
My first set..^^ - by bernadetlucius on

And now I'm gonna do my home works..Toodles!

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

A complex..?

My injured leg leg has finally been recovering little by little.
Haha.. It was hurt cause of yesterday, in P.E. class, and had to jump (baca: lompat kuda kalo gak salah namanya).. We could do some training first, and.. I did jump,, but then I fell down,, just like a person when he's going to dive into a swimming pool.. It was pretty embarasing.. But then, when we had to take the test,, I fell (again) it was much harder than before.. I ended up falling and reached the end of the mattress,* sumpah udah malu banget deh

For me, this sport is not the "beautiful jump",, but the "beautiful fall"..Lol..

And so.. to the main topic..
Yeah,,today was pretty shocking,, my sis said that she was confessed by a guy..
And so I'm pretty surprised too..
To say that I should feel happy too for her..But I'm not pretty much happy..

It's not I'm jealous, it's just sad to see we, as sisters have to grow up and leave the childish things behind.. We won't see each other often, and then we'll have to live our own lives.. There won't be times when we could laugh about every stupid things that came to our mind.. And.. we'll you would know how I feel, wouldn't you?

I just want her to be happy so.. If he's gonna be her boyfriend..
Well, boy ( udah mulai kurjar nih), I won't let you off so easily!

Senin, 09 Februari 2009

High School Musical 4 trailer!

Today I found one of the weirdest yet funniest video trailers!
My sister did told me there is supposed to be a High School Musical 4 (baca: HSM4), so I looked it up in youtube.. And here's what I got.. Enjoy..

Jumat, 06 Februari 2009

A Not-So Bright Day

oke.. first thing first..

hari yang tidak indah ini dimulai pada saat gw harus masuk sekolah,,
di mana di hari2 sebelumnya,, gw selalu berharap sekolah banjir supaya ga ada ulangan geo dan fisika, namun sepertinya Tuhan tidak mengizinkan,,hiks.

Jadi, kegiatan sekolah hari ini meninggalkan impresi yang kurang menyenangkan, soalnya soalnya si guru fisika ajubilee indahnya, alias amat amat susah.. mabok gw buatnya..ckck..

Abis sekolah, gw langsung pegi ke Grand Indonesia bersama cici dan nyokap, buat jalan2 untuk refreshing (sekalian nungguin bokap juga sih buat pulang bareng..)

Di sana, kita kerjanya cuma jalan kesana-kemari, tanpa tujuan yang jelas.
Liat2 sepatu di Charles&Keith, makan di food court, mejeng di The Food Hall.
Karena bosen pula, gw dan cici gw maen basket di Fun City ampe betis gempor..huahahaha..

Lalu,, nyokap ketemu temennya yang sudah lama tidak ketemu.. Aw~ so sweet..
dan bercakap-cakap for quite a while..lalu kita melanjutkan perjalanan kembali..

Lalu, disaster terjadi. HP tercinta cici gw dirampok. Gila gw sebel banget tadi.. mo gw cabik2 muka tu maling.. mau gw pukul,tonjok, dan tendang ampe puas sampe memar tuh badan biar tau rasa. bodo amat.. You deserved it, punk! I hate you with all my heart! Damn you!

Yaa.. setelah masalah itu terjadi,, suasana jadi suram.. dan kita berniat untuk memblokir nomor cici gw untuk menghindari hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan.. tapi,, counternya udah tutup,,huuh..

Sekarang gw hanya berharap cici gw supaya tetep cheerful..Amin.. Semangat ci!

Jadi,, untuk kalian yang sudah membaca blog ini, berhati-hatilah terhadap pencuri dan maling dan kawan-kawannya.. Be on alert!


hai y'all!

akhirnya gw punya blog ndiri,,*haha.girang deh..
paling ga gw bisa nginget ulang kejadian2 yg trjadi di masa2 lalu..

maaf ya yg kalo liat blog ini nanti merasa aneh, bingung,, dan sebagainya..
haha.. lagian lumayan ngabisin waktu bikin blog daripada rutinitas makan-tidur-BELAJAR yang biasa.. nanti jadi babi gw..haha..

cukup d bingung mau isi apa..
kalo ud kepikiran lagi, nanti gw post lagi deh..