Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

It's late..but..better be soon or later you'll forget right?

Haahha yes, I decided to post some more just before I went to a trip with my family to Singapore woohoo.
Okay, so here's the recent happenings:

First, my grade report. Well, I assumed it would be much worse, but it turned out pretty well. Except for Maths ad Physics, I got 78. Not too good if want to graduate happily..boohoo. Well, at least, no red marks. And so I can enjoy this holiday without any worries!

Second, two days ago, it was soo much fun. Since I had nothing better to do, I ended up going out to mall with Mom and Sis, while Dad needed to go to work :( . We went there because of my sister needs, she wants to meet her friends from high school again. So, me and Mom, decided that we were going to watch a movie, Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 Movie. Yeeaay! It turned out really funny, both of us loved it. And I also bought myself a nail  polish, it has starry embroidery, I love it so much. That's why I'm using it right now. hihihi. First I polished my nails using red colors that my sister has, and then polish the second layer with this starry  one, and to top it up with the transparent color to cover so the stars couldn't.t pop out hehe.

And third, I am just a day off from my trip to Singapore. I already pack my things. The only thing I will need to remember is to bring my phone and Ipod's charger so I can charge at the apartment. And I'm just slightly killing time, waiting my Super Junior's download to finsih in 19 more minutes..Dang, ain't that lon. Well, since I am just sleepy, let's just end this post, kay? I'll just be visiting others' blogs because in boredom. See ya!
And Merry Christmas!

Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

Late. but better post this before I forgot :D

well.. I really wanted to post this a long time ago,,even since the posting about Tina's birthday. But, yeah. all tose preparations for the exams. and me getting sick already take some time. So now that I already have some time :), I'll just blog about the recent happenings since November.

First, abot dad. I didn't actually remember the date how it happened, but after I finished from school, I got into the car, hoping I could get home-as usual. But nooo,, dad was also in the car. I thoght, " What the...?" and asked what's going on to him. He said he's going to a place named WannaB. I said, Huh? Are you kidding?", of course, any one who heard that out of nowhere will also think the same thinh-that he's just bluffing. But, the more we went farther away from home,or the places I was accustomed to, the more I think that he's not joking. And then, there we are. A weird looking building, like a flamboyant-look. And then he said that he wanted to did a karaoke in a special room and special equipments-a thing that he always longed for. I couldn't believe what was happening, but it did. So in the end I accompanied  Dad to sang heart-fully, and with the help of me, signaling when to stop or when it ends , or whatever. It turned out pretty good, actually, and I pretty much liked it. After that, I got outside the room, and saw a woman there. It turned out that she was waiting for her daughter singing inside another room. I also listened to her, she has a great voice. If I remembered correctly, she's an university student, and has been taking singing lessons. I hope she can debut soon :)

Second,, about my Mom's birthday! Yeay ! (God it's sooo last month, really her birthday was on 23 November) I really forgotten what happened though, all I remembered was that we bought a Strawberry Cheesecake from Harvest, a full circle one.. and it's absolutelly delicious!

And third, my Grandpa's Birhday :). We celebrated it at Angke, and gathered (almost) all family members from mom's side. And they even reserved a special room where we can have a karaoke! the food was really delicious, and I even sang some songs ohohohoho. It was really  super fun!

well, that's about it. I'm gonna eat my cereal now, and mom's waiting downstairs, so I need to hurry. Bye!

(Note: I've been having a fever for the past two days, and today I didn't come to school due to my illness ) Sad yet somehow happy ohohoho~

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

In A Hurry

for Selestina Maria:

 Happy Birthday dear!

Jumat, 20 November 2009

Just go away!

Sorry for posting too many grudge-looking posts, it's just..too many things happened. One of those are the test that my mandarin teacher gave me. Well,okay I know I did many mistakes on one part of the test. The other part, which is making an essay is just crap. Hello? She only teaches the class little vocabularies-while you're asking me to make a super long essay? In my opinion, you're just S-T-U-P-I-D. I already tried to ask why my points are so damn low-and you said it's because I didn't write as long as the others. Gosh, you really need to change your pair of glasses old lady. The meaning that counts, not how many spaces I took to write the essays! I wrote EVERYTHING that you taught me! It's just the same as what the others wrote! It's just that I wrote the characters too small so it looked as if I wrote very little explanation. Giving people marks by how many spaces they used to write an essay just because they wrote it big and wide-that's just low man. LOW. L-O-W.
Dang, because  of you I'm hating zhong wen also.
Wish the teacher teaching my class is my course teacher, he's much much better than you are. XP

Rabu, 18 November 2009

I've done it again

Actually I'm using my old picture hahahaha
hey wait..where did Jay Chou go? XP

Kamis, 12 November 2009


Gosh you sure are pissing me off.
I tried to say sorry.
I tried to change the way I am.
But you kept "avoiding" me.
Fine. If that's the way you want it to be, so be it.
I wouldn't care a heck of you anymore.
Things change. You can't change that.
Damn! I can't believe now you are THIS annoying.
You wished that I wouldn't change, so tried to change back the way I was.
And now,....pfft. Don't make me laugh.
Now YOU'RE the reason I'm changing even further.
I'm strarting to get sick of you.

Jumat, 10 Juli 2009


During the holidays, I watched some films to let go of my boredom.
I watched Transformers, which was awesomely really cool. It was a great film hehe..
And also watched Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun-Li, but I don't really like it. It turned out to be a dissapointment to me, sorry, but was expecting that there would be many fights, and many characters in Street Fighter game would show up, making that really fun, like in DoA.. huhuu
And.. last but not least, I watched Hannah Montana: The Movie! Yeay me! ...Okay, maybe I look like a freak right now but, I like this film, I do. I really like the songs that were in the movie, especially The Climb.. wow. I know I already heard it at home, but, it felt really dramatic when Miley sang it and I watched it in the cinema.. Haha I almost cried you know. But film is full of comedy,, I laughed so hard so many times. And Jackson was really funny hahahaa. He's my favourite character in Hannah Montana because he's really funny. Two tumbs up!
I also watched the TV shows on Youtube. I laughed most of the time :D :D
I really recommend it!


Hi again!
Waw.. just experienced one of my happiest times in life..Good times, good times..
Hehehe,, I just celebrated my birthday today! Yay me!
Got many congrats from my friends..
During midnight, I received messages from tere, momon, and isil. And from te morning until this evening, I also received text messages from nia,jessie,katya,vivi,gracia,bacap,rena,kak felia,angkie, and oliverose, hehe thanks guys.
I also got congrats from my friends in facebook.. woow so many of 'em.. Hehe I have to say my greatest thanks to you guys too.. :D :D :D
Well, about the birthday cake,, weeell, this time I didn't bought a full cake, just bought four slices,and to tell you the truth I was pretty sad. But hey, look on the bright side. it was cheaper, aaand I wouldn't get fatter that way hihi..
And in the morning I got reaaally tired and llazy,, so after eating the noodles, I slept.again. Woke up at 11 past 3o I think,,
I didn't want to go anywhere, so I ended up playing PS2,,haha some fighting like Digimon and DDR.. What..? Don't ask why.. I was bored anyway,and I already finished my Devil Summoner 2 : Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon days ago..
Then, I went to pick up Dad and then went to grab something to eat.. And we ate at Spageddies.. yum,, I really wanted to eat Italian pasta or spaghetties, just don't know why.. and wow it was reaally delicious,,
Then wow I ate Cream & Fudge's Chocolate Lover... super!
Heheh I'm feeling really happy right now!
Btw, I really love my family and my friends too! :D

Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

whoa.. I think I just hit my puberty

Well..thats how I think.
I'm just killing time right now because I can't play video games or even watch Disney Channel , although I reeeaally want to watch Cory in The House, Wizards of the Waverly Place, or even That's So Raven. but. I. couldn't.

I think I just got my puberty. Actually, not in the physical part, but the emotional part. Hard to admit this, but I think I just got a bit girly. (Somehow I don't like the word girly)
I dunno, somehow or another I just started wanting to have clothes, but not shirts.
I want to try on some clothes at Seibu, in which, usually, I would never go to try any clothes.

Even, usually, at Mangga Dua, I would go out with my dad to look for games, fils, and electronic stuffs, while my sister and mom would go out to look for some clothes. Not really my thing.

Well. I just bought a tanktop and a sleeveless shirt.. But when I just want to try a one-piece dress (at that time I didn't have any intentio of buying the dress), I liked it, really I did. It was a purple dress, pretty simple actually, which has beads in the left part as an acssesory, I think.
I do think that it's really cute, but considering the price, it breaks my heart.
It was also because I already bought the sleeveless shirt in which it was pretty expensive for that.

I asked dad and a no.
I asked mom and still no.
Maybe, I could ask my grandma, teehee.
But, I don't think that would please my parents, and I would feel guilty for my grandparents.
I do wish I can go and get a part time to earn money, like in Japan, even as a dishwasher, it is a really promising salary..

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009

Didn't expect to be this sad

I thought I wouldn't cry
I thought I was inhuman because of it
But then
I cried
It hurts
It's painful
to see you go away
Even though we're not so close anymore
I still remember
In this heart of mine
How good friends we were
Although not too close
But to see you go
My heart aches
It still hurts
I just wish
Someday, somewhere
We can meet again
Just to talk and spend time together
They way we used to

Rabu, 10 Juni 2009


You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

Senin, 08 Juni 2009

While just waiting for my download to finish, let's just do some posting ^^
But what should I post about..
How about the thing I'm downloading? Okay.
Well, right now I'm downloading Japanese songs. As you can see, I pretty much like them, but also like some American from the States, even some foreign songs I don't even know the meaning of the songs, such as The Bloomfields' "Ale" or even Thalia's "Marimar".. Hehehe.. I listened them from Youtube, by watching Moymoy Palaboy. Speaking of Moymoy Palaboy, I wonder if they had already post some new funny videos. Every time I watch them,I think I laughed my head out. lol.
Oh yeah back to main topic. I'm downloading Nishino Kana feat. WISE's "Tokutemo" (Even If It's Far). I think the songs really nice. Hehe.. I knew that song from watching the video in a taxi.
Since bww2 was unable to be accessed, I looked up some sites in Google that can safely download songs since there's so many viruses here and everywhere. I don't wanna have my computer to experience the same painful experience it had back then (Note: ordeal = painful experience lol --> knew it from English class at school, and I got 58 at the test dang it) - -"
hehehe.. now I know where to download songs other from bww2.com (although now it's active again). The site is www.getasianmusic.com. It some kind of forum where you can you share some songs. But to download the song, you need to sign up and submit a comment. Not too hard, I guess. Personally, it's really satisfying, I would highly recommend it :D
Oh my, still 26 minutes.. what ever should I do? (*slap myself okay this is stupid). Well, I guess I'll go visit mangafox and Youtube to see if Moymoy Palaboy had post anything new.
So, toodles!
After some time waiting for new good video games, I finally got my hands on "Devil Summoner 2 : Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon". Yippie! It's made by Atlus, so I don't really doubt the quality.. remembering how fun Persona 3 and also 4 are :D
And, I'm right! It's really fun. Hahaha :D

cover devil summmoner 2

.. ?
What's this..? Looks cool :D
Sadly can't read Japanese.

I really like how the game is. They force us to think, and it's a detective-like and of course, RPG. Wohooo! I felt really dumb because I didn't know how to capture those luck locusts.. I thought that you need to press a specific key to generate the action. Turns out, you REALLY only need to choose to do the action y selecting Items-Birdlime. Duh.. I feel rather stupid if you asked me.. - -"

fight 1
Ooh.. the fun! :D

Anyway,, I hadn't been posting for a long time, so I'm gonna tell you how my experience as a worker at a supermarket. The name of the supermarket is HERO. Yes HERO. Turns out it was pretty much fun. I thought it wasn't too musch fun. I really like to work in the Grocery and Produce section. In grocery, I really like to tidy up the items that are shown in the gondolas. And as for in the Produce secton, I really like wrapping up the fruits and vegetables, NOT to forget, to give price labels to them! Hohoho,, the fun! And maybe also to tie the bananas, it was pretty fun tieing them hehee..
Well, that's it. :D
Checking out..
"Don't tell me to get a life. I'm a gamer. I've got tons of lives."
Read this from gamespot.com but I forgot who wrote this. I thinks it's really cool !

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

In full colours..?

darn it..
I just finished my school exams.. and...no good.
I don't think I can even pass to the 2nd year with this kind of grades..
darn it darn it..
I wished time could make me go back so I will be able to do the test better..
Speaking of which, I'm also nervous to death about how my "audition" to get an AFS scholarship..
hiiy.. I didn't do my test very well, - -""
Let's just hope for the best, for my school exam report AND the AFS "audition'..

Kamis, 23 April 2009

- -"'

- -"'

- 3 -

- -"

It's Been a While :P

I haven't done any more posting for a while... haha.. it's because I suddenly got bored.. :P
Well anyway,, I'm gonna post this one to let you guys see what I did today.. I just made my cover of economics report today.. yippie..

Senin, 16 Maret 2009


Lookie here :P

A new chapter

hari ini gw ngalemin suatu aspek baru dalam kehidupan di sanur (haha puitis bgt lo), yaitu... pelanggaran..
Bangun pagi2, kan mw ngambil seragam, trus di lemari masih ada satu set seragam ijo kotak-kotak.. Jadi, tanpa berpikir panjang, langsung deh gw pake tuh seragam,,
Semuanya di rumah ga ada yang nyadar, mobil pun ga sadar juga,, bahaya tenan!
Gw baru sadarnya waktu turun dari mobil..yang lain pake seragam biru dan abu2,,sementara gw ijo ndiri.. Serasa domba hijau di antara domba2 biru dan abu2..
Gw kira gw doang yang salah seragam, ternyata ada companion,,hoho.. yaitu Erin. haha aseek ada temen :D
Dan..karena salah seragam.. hrus ngadep Bu Tuti for the first time.. Oh no!
Dan ibu bilang gini:

buTut: Kamu tuh gak lucu. Tiap hari ada aja muka baru yang muncul bikin pelanggaran..ckckck..(dan mulai ngemeng panjang lebar gw lupa ngomong apa).Kamu kenapa sih salah seragam?

Gw: Tadi tuh Bu di lemari saya masih ada seragam ijo, jadi saya make deh.. Saya lupa ini hari apa.

BuTut : Aah.. Itu mah bukan lupa, itu gak mikir! (dan blablabalabalalala)

(Setelah gw pikir2, bener juga sih gak mikir hahahahha.. :D)

Waktu mau dicatet nama gw, sepertinya Bu Tuti pun dipanggil Pak Suryo untuk menjaga tes kakak2 kelas XII,, *doain dia lupa nyatet..

Gw udah rada sensi juga ama tuh guru, diceramahin panjang lebar..grauuw.. Tapi kayaknya waktu pelajaran akun tadi gak nyebelin kok.. Yah secara yang slah gw juga sih,, haha.. Mungkin ini cara guru-guru membuat kita untuk semakin perhatian terhadap hal-hal di sekitar kita..(walau caranya nyebelin juga sih..)

MOga-moga mulai sekarang gw ga salah seragam lagi.. amiiin :D

Sabtu, 14 Maret 2009

Sissy's Happy

Been a while since my last post.. hehee.. Sorry, no time ( FYI, I sleep everyday at 2 a.m. in the morning).. urgh.. I even think that I'm having a flu.. hiks..

Okay,, today I'm gonna post about the things that happened yesterday. Grr.. I hated PurPur.. When the test started, I just looked at number 1, and... I didn't know what to do with it.. It was like a total blank all of a sudden... And number 3 didn't help me to feel better either.. I could only do number 2 (bahkan ga yakin 100%). Let's just pray that I won't get a remedial test.. :'(
And while I was panicking on doing the test, I turned my head to left to see Momon's progress, and........ She was sleeping. Hellloooo? My God,I couldn't do the test, and she was sleeping?? (Oke ga nyante) Mon, Mon.. HOw could you do it so easily? Ckckck..
Well, I was desperate, so I did it by following my instinct.. Haah.. I don't care about it anymore..

After that, I was planning to go with OlivRose, Nadya, and Nia to watch some movies.. but it seemed Nadya and Nia couldn't go so we had to cancelled, which made me to change my plan to accompany my sister and Mom to go looking for a new handphone, since sis' was robbed in G.I and it was only a month's old.. (see my older posting)

Because we also wanted to wait for Dad to accompany us also, we went to G.I. to go windowshopping.. We also waited for a loooong time 'cause we wanted to buy some bread in Harvey Nichols.. because~~ the price will be cut 50% after 7 p.m.. Wii.. the bread are so delicious we bought many of'em! Yum..


H N hahaha

H N 3

After going to G.I. we went to Ambassador Mall to buy sis' HP.. And she decided to buy an LG Cookie! Hohoo.. it looked so nice (and the price was also nice, considering its features :) ) She was reeaaaally reeaally that she got to have a new HP again, her old one was in a really bad condition..

Cookie 1

Cookie 2

And while I'm there, I tried to look for PS2 game, because lately PS2 games are not so great, I looked for Ar Tonelico II.. and no luck.. :'(

Ar Tonelico II
I missed Atlus' Persona games.. hiks..

That's all for now! Bye!

Sabtu, 28 Februari 2009

Oo Happy Day :)

today was fun day!
First it's that because I got to make some properties for my English drama with tere and momon, (and yeaa with the malaikat ang Q2 too) :0

Sometimes I feel pretty much pissed when I remember her (Q2). You damn right!
Grr.. I don't know why maybe it's her behavior or something else whatever laa.. >0<

And I've just watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua! The animations were marvelous! Five star! ****
I advise you to watch it.. It's really funny!

From left to right : Papi , Chloe, Delgado
I loove Papi ( Mi Corazon :D)

Aw.. :D

No Mas
No More!

That's all for now! It's already late.. bye now :)

Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

24th of February

Yikes! I just had a scary dream..
I dreamed that my sweet-computer (which recently has been formatted) was filled with soo many virus,, and the task manager couldn't turn on,again.. It said "The task manager has been disabled by your administrator".. That was the viruses' doing, trust me, I've seen it before.
MaybeI got that dream cause today at school, in TIK class, I saw a computer which was occupied by me and Nia was filled with those itsy-bitsy viruses,, talk about scary.. wheck!
Even if you delete them, it'll show up again in less than 5 minutes.. (bulu kuduk gw aja merinding)..

OKay,, on to the next topic. Today is my daddy's birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Congrats Dad!

And so.. we bought some slices of cakes at Harvest, and also bought some food at Chilli's in Sarinah..


Yum! It's really tasty! But also hurts my wallet.. "(

Now.. I'll be just reading some comics online and prepare my books for tomorrow! And, oh,, gonna give some comments to my friends.

PS: THanks nad for nominating me as one of the fabulous blogs..^^
I think yours is also a fab too!

Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

Valentine's Day

Today's Valentine,,happy valentine everybody..
today's as usual, I went to school,took a debate class, and... My sister and I went to Taman Anggrek to hang out together with our friends.. My sis with her friend, and I was with mine.
Me and Natasya were doing pretty much nothing,but it's fun!

First, we went to Timezone to play some games..Woow it was soo crowded man..
We saw a some people playing Deal Or No Deal (a TV show) in a game format and a group of people were looking at them playing ..hahahaha..
There were also people doing DDR with some woowee moves, like street dancing or some sort.. It was pretty eye-catching..
We also met Natasya's school-friends.. some of them were my former elementary school friends.

Then, we went window shopping (forced by her, I actually don't really like window shopping ^^), from Charles & Keith, Metro, ORANGE, Parisian, and also a gift shop named MICHELLE.. That place contains a lot of goodies, mostly pluhies and (pajangan apa inggrisnya y,,sok inggris2 sih,,XD).. and most importantly, THEY HAVE SO MANY STITCH PLUSHIES!!

After that, we went food-searching,, She bought some Old Chang Kees, and I bought a pretzel,, yum..^^..

Ooh.. I really love pretzels!

We went home at 5.30,, and then me and my sis spent the night watching HSM3 (again)..hehe..

Oh yeah,, today I got some chocolates from my classmates.. From There, Katherine,Stella, and Angkie, and also from Angel. Thanks guys!

That's all for today! see ya tomorrow..

Jumat, 13 Februari 2009

Lookie here!

hey.. I've been doing some blog-visiting since yesterday..
And I've found that there's a website where you can make pictures using cloth-pictures..
(the URL is http://www.polyvore.com/)
So, I tried making pictures with it..
And here it is!
Does it look bad? Cause it's my first time..lol..^^
I hope you like it!

My first set..^^
My first set..^^ - by bernadetlucius on Polyvore.com

And now I'm gonna do my home works..Toodles!

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

A complex..?

My injured leg leg has finally been recovering little by little.
Haha.. It was hurt cause of yesterday, in P.E. class, and had to jump (baca: lompat kuda kalo gak salah namanya).. We could do some training first, and.. I did jump,, but then I fell down,, just like a person when he's going to dive into a swimming pool.. It was pretty embarasing.. But then, when we had to take the test,, I fell (again) it was much harder than before.. I ended up falling and reached the end of the mattress,* sumpah udah malu banget deh

For me, this sport is not the "beautiful jump",, but the "beautiful fall"..Lol..

And so.. to the main topic..
Yeah,,today was pretty shocking,, my sis said that she was confessed by a guy..
And so I'm pretty surprised too..
To say that I should feel happy too for her..But I'm not pretty much happy..

It's not I'm jealous, it's just sad to see we, as sisters have to grow up and leave the childish things behind.. We won't see each other often, and then we'll have to live our own lives.. There won't be times when we could laugh about every stupid things that came to our mind.. And.. we'll you would know how I feel, wouldn't you?

I just want her to be happy so.. If he's gonna be her boyfriend..
Well, boy ( udah mulai kurjar nih), I won't let you off so easily!

Senin, 09 Februari 2009

High School Musical 4 trailer!

Today I found one of the weirdest yet funniest video trailers!
My sister did told me there is supposed to be a High School Musical 4 (baca: HSM4), so I looked it up in youtube.. And here's what I got.. Enjoy..

Jumat, 06 Februari 2009

A Not-So Bright Day

oke.. first thing first..

hari yang tidak indah ini dimulai pada saat gw harus masuk sekolah,,
di mana di hari2 sebelumnya,, gw selalu berharap sekolah banjir supaya ga ada ulangan geo dan fisika, namun sepertinya Tuhan tidak mengizinkan,,hiks.

Jadi, kegiatan sekolah hari ini meninggalkan impresi yang kurang menyenangkan, soalnya soalnya si guru fisika ajubilee indahnya, alias amat amat susah.. mabok gw buatnya..ckck..

Abis sekolah, gw langsung pegi ke Grand Indonesia bersama cici dan nyokap, buat jalan2 untuk refreshing (sekalian nungguin bokap juga sih buat pulang bareng..)

Di sana, kita kerjanya cuma jalan kesana-kemari, tanpa tujuan yang jelas.
Liat2 sepatu di Charles&Keith, makan di food court, mejeng di The Food Hall.
Karena bosen pula, gw dan cici gw maen basket di Fun City ampe betis gempor..huahahaha..

Lalu,, nyokap ketemu temennya yang sudah lama tidak ketemu.. Aw~ so sweet..
dan bercakap-cakap for quite a while..lalu kita melanjutkan perjalanan kembali..

Lalu, disaster terjadi. HP tercinta cici gw dirampok. Gila gw sebel banget tadi.. mo gw cabik2 muka tu maling.. mau gw pukul,tonjok, dan tendang ampe puas sampe memar tuh badan biar tau rasa. bodo amat.. You deserved it, punk! I hate you with all my heart! Damn you!

Yaa.. setelah masalah itu terjadi,, suasana jadi suram.. dan kita berniat untuk memblokir nomor cici gw untuk menghindari hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan.. tapi,, counternya udah tutup,,huuh..

Sekarang gw hanya berharap cici gw supaya tetep cheerful..Amin.. Semangat ci!

Jadi,, untuk kalian yang sudah membaca blog ini, berhati-hatilah terhadap pencuri dan maling dan kawan-kawannya.. Be on alert!


hai y'all!

akhirnya gw punya blog ndiri,,*haha.girang deh..
paling ga gw bisa nginget ulang kejadian2 yg trjadi di masa2 lalu..

maaf ya yg kalo liat blog ini nanti merasa aneh, bingung,, dan sebagainya..
haha.. lagian lumayan ngabisin waktu bikin blog daripada rutinitas makan-tidur-BELAJAR yang biasa.. nanti jadi babi gw..haha..

cukup d openingnya..gw bingung mau isi apa..
kalo ud kepikiran lagi, nanti gw post lagi deh..