Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

Late. but better post this before I forgot :D

well.. I really wanted to post this a long time ago,,even since the posting about Tina's birthday. But, yeah. all tose preparations for the exams. and me getting sick already take some time. So now that I already have some time :), I'll just blog about the recent happenings since November.

First, abot dad. I didn't actually remember the date how it happened, but after I finished from school, I got into the car, hoping I could get home-as usual. But nooo,, dad was also in the car. I thoght, " What the...?" and asked what's going on to him. He said he's going to a place named WannaB. I said, Huh? Are you kidding?", of course, any one who heard that out of nowhere will also think the same thinh-that he's just bluffing. But, the more we went farther away from home,or the places I was accustomed to, the more I think that he's not joking. And then, there we are. A weird looking building, like a flamboyant-look. And then he said that he wanted to did a karaoke in a special room and special equipments-a thing that he always longed for. I couldn't believe what was happening, but it did. So in the end I accompanied  Dad to sang heart-fully, and with the help of me, signaling when to stop or when it ends , or whatever. It turned out pretty good, actually, and I pretty much liked it. After that, I got outside the room, and saw a woman there. It turned out that she was waiting for her daughter singing inside another room. I also listened to her, she has a great voice. If I remembered correctly, she's an university student, and has been taking singing lessons. I hope she can debut soon :)

Second,, about my Mom's birthday! Yeay ! (God it's sooo last month, really her birthday was on 23 November) I really forgotten what happened though, all I remembered was that we bought a Strawberry Cheesecake from Harvest, a full circle one.. and it's absolutelly delicious!

And third, my Grandpa's Birhday :). We celebrated it at Angke, and gathered (almost) all family members from mom's side. And they even reserved a special room where we can have a karaoke! the food was really delicious, and I even sang some songs ohohohoho. It was really  super fun!

well, that's about it. I'm gonna eat my cereal now, and mom's waiting downstairs, so I need to hurry. Bye!

(Note: I've been having a fever for the past two days, and today I didn't come to school due to my illness ) Sad yet somehow happy ohohoho~

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