Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Nope Sorry

I really hated it, that person today.
You just blew your chance sis, I'm sorry sorry sister.
You asked for my forgiveness, I'm sorry I can't.
It hurts way too deep.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

dang you really upset me

Sorry for no posting for quite a long time!
I just needed someplace where I could pour out my feelings, and right now I'm really upset with somebody. And yes, it's that person!
AA she's really killing me! I hate her, she is really arrogant and can't put herself in the right place at the right time. Hellooo?? Are you mad woman ?? URgh I had enough of you. That's it!

Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Very touching :')

Monday, February 1st 2010.

Maybe this is the first time I've ever cried sadly and then happily for a friend. No, a best friend :) The problem started out with her calling me ,well "geblek". Okay, maybe it's not a big deal for you folks who are watching this, but for me, it means a lot. If I were talked that way, I could imagine that I'm really stupid and useless towards people. "If you were talked that way by the the person you cherish, how would you feel?" that's what I thought. Especially if they're using much more violent words, such as "mati aja lu". Oh man, do you really want me to die? I know they're just joking , but I'm damn too sensitive about words, that's why I always try to pick the right words and try to avoid those kind of harsh words.
Well, I wrote what I thought as my personal message in MSN, and she read it. So she asked me what does that PM mean? And so I explained to her about my feelings and my opinion towards those problems. I didn't expect myself to actually cry over things like this, because I just wanted to tell her about how I feel, and she said sorry. By the time I read her message, tears actually dropped off from my eyes. I couldn't believe it myself. Hahahaa but I really felt happy she said that.
To tere: If you're reading this, I just want to say to you : I love you dear :)
(I"m sorry,can I copy the conversations we had? I'll save it in my archive because I want to hold this dearly, so I can be happy if I have forgotten about this )

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Boys Before Flowers : Finished :)

I just finished watching Boys Before Flowers yesterday, and dang it was really a nice drama. I cried at times, and some of the episodes were really funny I laughed out loud. ^^ Such pity now it had ended, I don't have any good and great dramas to watch :'(

Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

I'm back baby!

Wan sang ni men!
Xin nian kuai le!
Hahaha I just got back from Singapore..
And I brought back some present for myself. Dad gave each me and sis 150 Singaporean dollars, and I ended up spending all of 'em. These are what I bought while I was there:
  1.  A Pull and Bear sneakers! I've been wanting them since a long time ago! Finally, I got them for 39,90 dollars. It is much cheaper than the ones in Indonesia. I could only bought one though :'(
  2. A pair of high heels I bought at Bugis Junction. It's blue, and I just loved it. It's pretty cheap I guess.
  3. Another pair of shoes, but flat ones. I bought them at Tangs. I forgot which Tangs though.
  4. Three rolls of chinese paintings. 3 for 10,00 dollars. So-so lah ( hehe in Singapore languange)
  5. I had my name painted beautifully with drawings with each alphabet was drawn into pictures, and each drawings have meanings, such as birds symbolizes happiness and etc. Loved it. It was 18,00 dollars. Pretty expensive,, but dad said that the expensive one wasn't the price, it was the art that was expensive Well, I gotta agree though, it's beautiful and I loved it.
  6. Some keychains for souvenirs for my friends, and I bought Mars chocholate especially for my BF ^^ Hope she'll like them.
And the things I couldn't but there are:
  1. Shorts nor Clothes. I bought none. The reason is: yes, I'm too fat dang it. I guess I'll need to shape up before I'll buy any of them. :'(
  2. Adidas sneakers. Boohoo and it was so cute too. It had stars design on its surface. but it cost 85,00 dollars. Too expensive man! I think it was called Honey..something, I can't remember clearly.
  3. And I guess I was hoping I could buy a pair of Charles & Keith high heels. I liked the ones that my sister bought . Sadly, her feet size is 37/38, while I'm a 39. So, I can't fit those shoes. And I don't have enough money anymore.
  4. Maybe some souvenirs at Chinatown, like the ones that has magnet so it can stick to the refrigerator, or some clothes that look like yukatas. If only I have more money. *sigh
Forget about them. Let's just talk about what did I experienced there :D Here I go :
  1. I stayed in an apartment. Of course you'll feel different compared to home, the apartment is much much smaller. But it's comfy and I pretty much like it :D
  2. The MRT there. Wow, it's so much fun since it's the first time I've ever experienced MRTs. 
  3. The people there are well organized. And I'm pretty surprised some of them can speak English quite well. Except the people that were selling soya milk. It's really hard to ask them to buy the cold soyas rather than the hot ones! I said "Cold!Cold!" and they answered things I couldn't understand. Hanya..
  4. Coffee near the apartment! It's really delicious. It's sweet because it's a coffee-and-milk. And it only costs 90 cents. Lovely.
  5. Another thing. The bread store near the coffee shop. The name's Bunnies. I really love that store! The bread they make are always new and the taste..delicious. Very,very lovely.
  6. You really need to walk all the way in Singapore. Different from Jakarta, most people there don't use cars or vehicles-they walk and use public transportation. Although I was exhausted from all those walking, I love this idea. You can eat much and walk a lot, so you can still get in shape, different from here, if you eat much, you won't be able to walk much-making you turn fat. A big no-no.
  7. Spending new years there. I saw the fireworks. And it was so much fun. we got into the place-I forgot the name- at approx. 10 p.m. (or was it at 9 I forgot)-waiting for 3 hours until 12 o'clock. It took so much time waiting, but it really paid off, the fireworks there were awesome! They were so beautiful. Loved it!!
Well, I think that's all. Hope this years' long holiday my family and I can go to a trip to Japan! Yokoso Japan!
Byee! And Happy New Year!

Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

It's late..but..better be soon or later you'll forget right?

Haahha yes, I decided to post some more just before I went to a trip with my family to Singapore woohoo.
Okay, so here's the recent happenings:

First, my grade report. Well, I assumed it would be much worse, but it turned out pretty well. Except for Maths ad Physics, I got 78. Not too good if want to graduate happily..boohoo. Well, at least, no red marks. And so I can enjoy this holiday without any worries!

Second, two days ago, it was soo much fun. Since I had nothing better to do, I ended up going out to mall with Mom and Sis, while Dad needed to go to work :( . We went there because of my sister needs, she wants to meet her friends from high school again. So, me and Mom, decided that we were going to watch a movie, Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 Movie. Yeeaay! It turned out really funny, both of us loved it. And I also bought myself a nail  polish, it has starry embroidery, I love it so much. That's why I'm using it right now. hihihi. First I polished my nails using red colors that my sister has, and then polish the second layer with this starry  one, and to top it up with the transparent color to cover so the stars couldn't.t pop out hehe.

And third, I am just a day off from my trip to Singapore. I already pack my things. The only thing I will need to remember is to bring my phone and Ipod's charger so I can charge at the apartment. And I'm just slightly killing time, waiting my Super Junior's download to finsih in 19 more minutes..Dang, ain't that lon. Well, since I am just sleepy, let's just end this post, kay? I'll just be visiting others' blogs because in boredom. See ya!
And Merry Christmas!

Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

Late. but better post this before I forgot :D

well.. I really wanted to post this a long time ago,,even since the posting about Tina's birthday. But, yeah. all tose preparations for the exams. and me getting sick already take some time. So now that I already have some time :), I'll just blog about the recent happenings since November.

First, abot dad. I didn't actually remember the date how it happened, but after I finished from school, I got into the car, hoping I could get home-as usual. But nooo,, dad was also in the car. I thoght, " What the...?" and asked what's going on to him. He said he's going to a place named WannaB. I said, Huh? Are you kidding?", of course, any one who heard that out of nowhere will also think the same thinh-that he's just bluffing. But, the more we went farther away from home,or the places I was accustomed to, the more I think that he's not joking. And then, there we are. A weird looking building, like a flamboyant-look. And then he said that he wanted to did a karaoke in a special room and special equipments-a thing that he always longed for. I couldn't believe what was happening, but it did. So in the end I accompanied  Dad to sang heart-fully, and with the help of me, signaling when to stop or when it ends , or whatever. It turned out pretty good, actually, and I pretty much liked it. After that, I got outside the room, and saw a woman there. It turned out that she was waiting for her daughter singing inside another room. I also listened to her, she has a great voice. If I remembered correctly, she's an university student, and has been taking singing lessons. I hope she can debut soon :)

Second,, about my Mom's birthday! Yeay ! (God it's sooo last month, really her birthday was on 23 November) I really forgotten what happened though, all I remembered was that we bought a Strawberry Cheesecake from Harvest, a full circle one.. and it's absolutelly delicious!

And third, my Grandpa's Birhday :). We celebrated it at Angke, and gathered (almost) all family members from mom's side. And they even reserved a special room where we can have a karaoke! the food was really delicious, and I even sang some songs ohohohoho. It was really  super fun!

well, that's about it. I'm gonna eat my cereal now, and mom's waiting downstairs, so I need to hurry. Bye!

(Note: I've been having a fever for the past two days, and today I didn't come to school due to my illness ) Sad yet somehow happy ohohoho~